Complete Data Capture

Easily capture any type of drone media including

photos, maps, videos, and panoramas

Safe Autonomous Flight

Make complex planning

simple and safe with just a

few taps 

Real-time Results

Create instant maps, 

photos, panoramas, and video that sync from your

mobile device

Full Drone


Compatible with the most popular drones to get you

up and running today

Safe Automatic Flights

Capture consistent data over time

Plan and share flight plans with your entire team

Automate takeoff, flight, and landing

Safely fly using in-app pre-flight checklists

One Stop for Drone
Data Capture

Easily gather all data for any map, model or analysis

Collect photos, panoramas, videos, and maps

Capture plant health, thermal, orthomosaic, and more

Use automatic or manual flight to take control

Drone Operations Management

Gain insight into your drone operations across your entire organization, automating and

centralizing flight, operations, and compliance.

In-Field Insights

Quickly assess reality to take action

Generate a Live Map in real-time, no SD cards or internet required

Conduct real-time assessments and analysis

Easily upload all media to cloud on-site  

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